Business Door Access Control
Imagine the convenience of knowing that your entrance doors are locked at the end of the business day.  Also imagine knowing who’s at your door before you open it. Add to that the ability to see as well as hear who’s there and unlock the door at a touch of a phone.   Providential Solutions Group has the right door solution for your home or business.  Used in place of the standard doorbell an entry system provides not only the advantage of knowing who’s there, but the peace of mind as well.

Also consider having control of who can access the door and at what time, just by the touch of a computer screen.  Our complete line of card and biometric door access control readers can be controlled right over your existing computer network.
A great example of just one of the popular items here at Providential Solutions group is Pelco’s Intelli-M eIDC Ethernet-enabled integrated door controller is among the first PoE (Power over Ethernet) access control system controllers launched in the security industry that provides fully distributed intelligence for access control and alarm monitoring. This cutting-edge Ethernet-enabled door controller is packed with powerful features that can fit in a small, compact dual gang box to control all peripheral door hardware.
You have facilities, assets, people, and security concerns – Providential Solutions Group provides Systems, Support, and Solutions. With worldwide manufactures and innovators in facility access and security systems, including proximity card access control, telephone entry systems, alarm system control and time and attendance. Let us help you find the right security system for your facility to protect your people, property and assets.
We Deliver Turnkey Solutions In The Following Areas: 
  • Card Access Door Control
  • Door Telephone Entry Systems
  • Card, Key Fob and Biometric Readers
  • Door Strikes and Electronic Magnetic Locks
  • Enterprise System Solutions
  • Facility and Apartment Access Solutions
  • Photo ID and Badging


Business Door Access Control